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Bubbles for a better future

Through plastic free materials, ethically sourced ingredients and transparency in our supply chain, we are committed to protecting the environment in every way that we can, big and small.

The Plastic Problem

It’s no secret that plastic from our bathrooms is clogging up our oceans, choking our recycling boxes, microplastics are permeating our water supplies and natural spaces are turning into landfill dumps. 

Even when you think your waste is being recycled, a lot of plastic bottles actually end up in landfill due to contamination. And bathroom waste is an even bigger problem – did you know that 50% of bathroom waste is recycled, compared to 90% in the kitchen?

UK made

Our products are produced locally in the UK to minimise travel emissions, and support local communities with high standard employment opportunities. We don’t believe in outsourcing our production to cut costs, and value the high working and pollution control standards of making our bubbles close to home.

Our vision is for a green future where all bathrooms are 100 percent plastic free and where a new, zero waste way to wash is the norm.

With people and planet in mind, we are harnessing modern eco technologies to make behaviour change effortless through solution led approaches. By providing a pioneering natural alternative to plastic, we will minimise waste in homes and hotels across the world.

“I truly believe in our capability to change our future by protecting the planet, let's start now!” - Carolina


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